We for you - about the KHG

We for you!

The KHG is a community for students and young people in Paderborn, far from home. We would like to enrich your life and your studies in Paderborn with our offer and enable a life of faith.

A strong and fresh student team and dedicated full-time employees look forward to seeing you!


The team of full-time employees at the KHG is at your disposal for a wide variety of matters.

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The community team

We for you! :-)

The Catholic university community: This includes all Catholic students and teachers at the Paderborn universities. As in any "normal" church, there are different intensities and levels of practicing belonging. A pool of honorary and volunteers is needed to ensure that a continuous, yet flexible community life and community offer is possible: In the KHG Paderborn, this is the so-called community team. Here you can get to know the current team. The motto is: "We for you!" If you are interested in working on the community team, get in touch with one of the team leaders or the full-time team.

advisory and counseling

We strive to be a helping hand for you at all times. It can be about scholarships, crises of meaning, internships abroad, questions of faith, learning blocks, financial emergencies and much more. Don't hesitate to contact us! We present you some offers. If you don't find what you're looking for, just drop by - we're sure to find a solution.

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