Social Counseling and emergency care

Social Counseling and emergency care

We endeavor to help you at all times, in case of scholarships, crises of purpose, international internships, learning difficulties, financial distresses, insurances, apartment search and much more.

Exchange Service / Scholarschip Service

We advise you personally when it comes to catholic scholarships for German students as well as foreign students.

Emergency Care for Students

In order to achieve some financial support a pool of the Catholic Student Group of the Archdiocese Paderborn is available for students of the University in Paderborn for one-time emergency care. Please fill out the follwering form: Formular Sozialberatung.pdf send it to info(at)

Important Notes:

Participants of German courses, Students of the preparatory college as well as students of the universities beyond Paderborn (expect Hamm) cannot achieve any financial support. Financial support can only be granted at least once every year.

Please bring the following to your Counseling:

-        Account statements of the last three months

-        Certificate of study

-        Overview of grades

-        Passport, possibly with application for final papers

-        Documents with debts, bills

-        Radio broadcast

-        all your others questions

contact for a consultation:

Anja Koch


phone: 05251 27393